Professional Voice Users


If you are a singer, actor, entertainer, or media professional, your voice is in high demand. When you work in this type of a career, your voice needs to be at its best. People in other careers, such as lawyers arguing in court, members of the clergy, politicians, kindergarten to high school teachers, and university and college professors also fall into the category of professional voice users. Because of intense vocal loads, strenuous travel requirements, and extended work hours, professional voice users are more prone to disorders of the throat and larynx.

How Professional Voice Users Can Care for Their Voices

Experienced physicians who are familiar with the vocal cords, larynx, and other parts of the anatomy that are concerned with the voice can help you to care for your voice. There are experts in swallowing, tissue vibration, nodule removal, and other fields of specialty who are able to diagnose and treat problems that can occur with professional voice experts. These experts can also provide you with tips and tools to prevent many vocal problems. Building a rapport and establishing a strong patient to doctor relationship with these experts can help you to avoid career pitfalls that happen as a result of a faltering voice. By visiting one of these voice experts before you have a problem, the doctor is able to build a baseline that allows for the understanding of how your voice operates in good health.

Visiting a Voice Expert for a Consultation

When you are a professional voice user, it is vital that you establish a patient relationship with a laryngologist. These specialty doctors begin with a consultation to establish a baseline for the anatomy of your voice. The results are recorded and held so that if you have a problem, the appropriate medical actions can be taken. Your initial consultation can be used in order to discover the methods that are best suited to optimizing your voice.

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If the doctor discovers an abnormality with your vocal anatomy, the situation can be investigated and cared for before a serious problem develops. Another good reason to establish an early relationship with a laryngologist is so that the doctor can communicate with other members of your medical care team as the need arises. For example, your primary care physician may need to know what is going on with your tonsils or adenoids if a voice problem is the result of a problem with those parts of your body.

What to Do When You Have a Voice Concern

If you find that there is a problem with your voice, an immediate exam is necessary in order to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. A doctor can advise you on medical or therapeutic management of your condition. A laryngologist or speech pathologist can also tell you when it is best to rest your voice in order to preserve the delicate structures of your vocal cords.