About Us

At UCI Head & Neck, you have access to the top ear, nose and throat specialists in the country. Our surgeons are well-known for their ongoing research and innovative treatment techniques, and our work provides relief for patients every day.

Our specialties related to the ear, nose, throat, face and neck include:

  • Sinus and thyroid disorders
  • Hearing and balance changes
  • Facial plastic reconstruction
  • Evaluation of voice disorders

We provide a multidisciplinary approach, so that every patient can benefit from the experience of surgeons in wide-ranging specialties.

We’ll Keep You Healthy With

Preventative Care

Check-ups and follow-ups at the first sign of symptoms mean that we can monitor your progress and be the first to step in if an approach to treatment is needed.

Thorough Diagnosis

With the help of the latest technologies, our skilled professionals are ready to get to the bottom of whatever symptoms you are experiencing.

Tailored Treatments

Don’t settle for a one-size treatment. At UCI Head & Neck, your treatment approach is based on your personal medical history and range of symptoms.