Cochlear Implants


When there is a hearing loss, a cochlear implant can help to restore function when hearing aids are not sufficient. Currently, it is the only available medical technology that can restore this vital human sense. It doesn’t amplify the sound like a hearing aid, but it sends a sound signal to the hearing nerve.

Bilateral Cochlear Implantation

Using bilateral cochlear implants has proven to be successful. Many reports indicate that placing the implant bilaterally is effective. However, it requires expertise and specialized equipment for this position. Our doctors have a large group of patients that have undergone cochlear implants using the bilateral method.

Placement of Cochlear Implants in Infants

The FDA has approved cochlear implants in children who are 12 months of age and older. In some unique circumstances, children under the age of 12 months can have one implanted. Statistics show that there has been a great success with children of all age groups. If a child develops meningitis before they are one year old, they are favored for implantation.

Cochlear Implantation in the Elderly

Patients over the age of 60 years who receive cochlear implants seem to fare just as well as the younger generation. In the 1990’s, Dr. Djalilian did a study looking at the effects of these implants on the elderly. The study proved that patients had an increased quality of life and that they benefited greatly from these implants. This study was used to justify coverage by Medicare recipients. The oldest patient in the study was 94 years old. Hearing his grandchildren for the first time was the best gift he ever received.

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Our Cochlear Implant Center

We treat patients from all over the country with new and innovative research projects. The latest developments include developing strategies to help patients listen to music better, strategies to eliminate tinnitus, and an ultra-high stimulus rate that mimics stimulation that occurs in the cochlea. The ongoing studies that take place here help to shape the future for those who are hearing impaired.

The Miracle of Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants help with the psychophysical and physiological auditory processes. Using structures and a modeling approach, researchers can recognize how the ear and the brain work together to process sounds. These implants have restored hearing to many who cannot use hearing aids and had no other option. The future looks bright with new developments and other options to assist the deaf community.