KTP Laser Therapy


KTP laser therapy is a method of treating lesions on the vocal cords. It is an innovative procedure that allows precise targeting of laryngeal lesions and preservation of normal tissue. It is noninvasive and only requires a local anesthetic, making it faster, safer and more convenient for the patient than traditional procedures.

Advantages of KTP Laser Therapy

One of the most important advantages of the KTP laser treatment is that it does not require the patient to be put under general anesthesia. It does not even require sedation. This means that the patient can be treated on an outpatient basis without the inherent risks associated with anesthesia. It also means that there will be no lingering effects of sedation that the patient must wait out before resuming normal activities.

A second advantage is that KTP laser therapy is suitable for any lesion on the vocal cords, including dysplasia, papilloma, and carcinoma-in-situ. It is uniquely effective because the laser uses green light, which has an affinity with blood vessels. This means that the energy from the laser is absorbed more easily by blood vessels than other tissue. Targeting the blood supply of a lesion causes the lesion to slough off, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

The third major advantage of KTP laser therapy is that it involves very little recovery time, making it easier to schedule and resulting in less down time than previous methods. The absence of a long healing process means that most patients can resume their normal activities the same day.

KTP Laser Therapy Procedure

Traditional treatment for lesions on the vocal cords involved the surgical use of a laryngoscope. The use of this equipment required general anesthesia with all its associated risks. The procedure was also what is called an open procedure, which carried an increased risk of infection.

In contrast, KTP laser therapy only requires a local numbing agent. This is administered in the form of a nasal spray, which delivers the numbing drug to the area of the vocal cords that will be treated. A small camera, called a scope, is inserted through the nose and passed through to the throat. This allows the physician to clearly see the field of operation.

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A thin laser fiber is then threaded through the scope. Using the camera for guidance, the laser can be focused very precisely to treat the diseased area. The KTP laser is activated, the energy is absorbed by the blood vessels of the lesion, killing the diseased tissue, and the dead tissue falls away. The normal vocal cord tissue that is left behind is not affected.

Recovery From KTP Laser Therapy

Because KTP laser therapy is non-invasive and requires only a topical anesthetic, the recovery process is very quick. Most patients can return home or return to work immediately following the procedure. They can even drive themselves, as they will not be groggy from sedation. KTP laser therapy is the safe, effective, rapid solution for the treatment and removal of laryngeal lesions.