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The thyroid is an important gland in your neck.

Your thyroid regulates hormones and chemicals in your body. However, when it malfunctions or becomes ridden with illness, it may need to be removed.

When your doctor has advised you to undergo a thyroidectomy, you may prefer to have yours done at the best head and neck clinic in Los Angeles.

What is a Thyroidectomy?

A thyroidectomy is the surgical removal of the thyroid. Depending on the reason for its removal, some or all of it may be surgically cut out of your neck. The surgery typically takes place in a hospital where you may need to stay for at least two days after your operation.

A thyroidectomy is performed for several reasons. The most common reason is cancer of the thyroid. To remove the threat of cancer, the thyroid must be removed to prevent the disease from spreading.

However, it also may be performed because of an enlargement of the thyroid or because of hyperthyroidism. The only way to treat these conditions is to remove part or all of the thyroid.

Because you will need to undergo general anesthesia for a thyroidectomy, it is reasonable you want to have yours done at a facility with staff who is well-trained to carry out he operation. You may feel at ease by having it performed at the best head and neck clinic in Los Angeles.

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How is a Thyroidectomy Done?

When you check yourself into the best head and neck clinic in Los Angeles for a thyroidectomy, you may wonder what will happen to you during the procedure. You will be put under general anesthesia for the operation. After you are asleep, the surgeon will then make an incision directly over the thyroid.

Next, the surgeon will remove some or all of the thyroid, again depending on the reason for the operation. The surgery itself can take up to two hours or longer because of how small the thyroid is and the fact it is surrounded by delicate glands and nerves.

Thryoidectomy Recovery

After your thyroidectomy is finished, you will be taken to a recovery room to awaken and stabilize. You will then be taken to your room in the best head and neck clinic in Los Angeles where you will remain for up to two days after your surgery.

When you go home, you may experience difficulties eating and swallowing. These side effects are normal and go away after a few months. Until then, you should eat a soft or liquid diet to avoid choking. You should also limit your activities for two to three weeks and wait to drive until you are medically cleared to do so.

A thyroidectomy may be your best solution for treating cancer, hyperthyroidism, and enlarged thyroid. You can prepare for the surgery now by learning how it is performed and what your recovery period might be like when you return home.