Best Head and Neck Clinic in California


If you are in need of a specialist to work with for a serious issue such as cancer, you may be tasked with finding an otolaryngologist.

These types of doctors are ones that specialize in diagnosing and managing diseases located in the ears, nose, larynx, sinuses, throat, mouth and other structures found in your face and neck. When you have a serious issue in this region of your body, it needs to be dealt with by the best of the best. Below is some information about the best head and neck clinic in California and the type of diseases we commonly treat.

Location And Reputation

For some diseases or issues you are having, it is going to require multiple visits to your specialist. Because of this, we are located in an area that is accessible to our many patients. You can rest easy knowing our best head and neck clinic in California has doctors who are board certified and you can check our credentials through the state’s medical board.

What Our Otolaryngologist Can Treat

The best head and neck clinic in California will be able to treat a variety of diseases you might have located in your face or neck. Below are some of the top issues we can help our patients with.

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  • Ears: Almost one out of ten Americans have some form of hearing loss. Head and neck doctors are specifically trained in this area and can help to diagnose what is causing your hearing loss. They offer both medical and surgical treatment options for hearing loss, ear tinnitus, balance disorders, ear infections and more.
  • Nose: Millions develop chronic sinusitis each ear. It is one of the most common medical complaints. The best head and neck clinic in California can offer patients suffering with sinusitis many options for treatment to help with allergies, polyps and deviated septum issues.
  • Throat: This vital area of our body is important for talking, singing and eating. There are many diseases of the larynx, throat and upper esophagus that the best head and neck clinic in California may treat.
  • Head and Neck: There are many important functions in this area of our body that we rely on such as hearing, sight, smell and the overall appearance of our face. An otolaryngologist that specializes in this area will be able to effectively treat a variety of infections, malignant tumors (cancerous), benign tumors (non-cancerous), facial trauma and other deformities to the face and neck area. Our doctors are able to perform both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeries for these areas.

There are seven or more basic areas that an otolaryngology doctor can work in. These include allergies, head and neck, laryngology, reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery of the face, rhinology, otology/neurotology and pediatric otolaryngology.