Best ENT Hospital in Los Angeles


When you have an issue with your ear, nose or throat, you will need to see a specialist called an otolaryngologist.

These doctors specialize in treating diseases and other issues in these specific areas of your body. This medical specialty is one of the oldest that has been practiced in America.

When you visit the best ENT hospital in Los Angeles, you will find we can treat a variety of your ailments. Some of the more common ones are listed below.

Ear Problems

ENTs are able to treat patients with a variety of ear issues including infections and removal of impacted wax. Other issues we can treat are tinnitus and removal of foreign objects lodged in the ear canal. Balance disorders can also be treated by finding the cause of the issue. Balance is controlled through tiny structures located in our ears.


A lot of our patients here at the best ENT hospital in Los Angeles suffer from allergies. Not only can we prescribe medicine to ease the symptoms, we can help determine the cause. We will also use immunotherapy, or allergy shots, to help build up a tolerance to certain allergens and thus reduce some symptoms.

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Hearing Loss

Otolaryngologists work together with audiologists to help determine the severity and cause of a patient’s hearing loss. Afterwards, they will work to determine the best course of action to treat it.

Sinus Problems

A multitude of sinus issues may be treated by our doctors including fungal sinusitis and chronic sinus infections. When sinus infections are chronic for patients, it is referred to as rhinosinusitis. Many nose issues can also cause chronic nasal congestion. Here at the best ENT hospital in Los Angeles, we can find the cause of your congestion and figure out a way to offer you relief.

Disorders ENTs Treat

There are a variety of disorders that an otolaryngologist can treat as well. For patients suffering from swallowing or speech disorders, our ENTs will work with a speech-language pathologist to help diagnose and treat these issues. Some of these issues are due to neck cancers and strokes.

Other disorders ENTs may help treat are sleeping disorders and sleep apnea. Many of these issues are caused by restricted airways. The doctor will work to find out the cause of the restricted airway and determine the best course of action to treat it.

Tips For Preparing For Your Appointment

Here at the best ENT hospital in Los Angeles we want our patients to feel comfortable in our office and during any treatments. If you have never visited an ENT before, you might not know what to fully expect. Once you come to your appointment, you are able to ask our staff and doctors any questions you may have.