Best ENT Hospital in California


Patients can expect a wide range of otolaryngology services from the best ENT hospital in California.

Many patients know that ENT refers to ailments, conditions, diseases, or abnormalities affecting the ears, the nose and its related sinuses and nasal passages, and the throat. ENT issues are sometimes nothing more than short-term infections or minor distractions that can be managed by lifestyle adjustments or over-the-counter medications.

Other times, ENT-related problems are serious enough to require treatment at the best ENT hospital in California for a patient’s unique needs.

Allergy, Sinus, and Nose

Allergies, sinus, and nose problems significant enough to warrant a visit to the best ENT hospital in California may be standalone issues, or they could be connected to one another. For example, the shape of the nose may contribute to ongoing issues with a chronic sinus infection (sinusitis). Assessment at a hospital with specialized testing equipment may also be necessary if nasal abnormalities or severe allergy or sinus problems are contributing to sleep difficulties. Separate issues involving snoring and sleep apnea may also be treated.

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Hearing and Balance

Sensations of spinning (vertigo) affecting quality of life or personal safety are sometimes evaluated at the best ENT hospital in California, especially if the problem is related to compartments of the inner ear or associated with hearing loss, tinnitus, and conditions such as Meniere’s disease. An ENT hospital can also provide treatment for balance and hearing issues that may include:

  • Progressive or sudden hearing loss
  • Recurring ear pain without a clear cause
  • Benign tumors (acoustic neuromas) affecting balance or facial sensitivity
  • Vestibular neuritis and other serious viral infections of the ear
  • Structural abnormalities of the ear

Head and Neck Conditions and Skull Base Tumors

Whether malignant (cancerous) or benign, skull base tumors can contribute to nosebleeds, difficulties with nose breathing, sinus or facial pain, and vision problems. ENT hospitals are able to perform the delicate surgery sometimes necessary to remove these tumors. Patients with salivary gland conditions, infections affecting the head and neck area, and head and neck cancer can also receive personalized treatment at the best ENT hospital in California.

Facial Nerve Damage

The cause of facial pressure, numbness and tingling, or a lack of feeling is often direct or indirect damage to facial nerves. In some situations, patients may be treated at an ENT hospital for facial nerve problems related to Bell’s palsy. Nerve repair surgery may be performed if facial nerves were damaged due to an injury or some type of facial trauma.

Voice, Speech, and Swallowing

A common cause of hoarseness and other voice and throat issues is vocal cord lesions. If non-surgical remedies aren’t effective, polyps and nodules may need to be removed. Patients may be checked for throat or vocal cord cancer if there is a visible buildup of white patches of abnormal tissue from long-term smoking or excessive alcohol consumption (leukoplakia). If thyroid gland problems are responsible for throat-related pain and related symptoms, treatment at an ENT hospital might include full or partial removal of the thyroid gland (thyroidectomy). Tonsils and adenoids may also be removed when necessary.

The wide range of services allows for the ability to diagnosis, treat, and manage various ear, nose, and throat issues that may affect infants, children, teens, and adults. An ENT clinic also provides access to more extensive allergy assessments and treatments, pediatric ENT specialists, specialized hearing tests, and voice or speech therapy programs.