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Earaches and ear infections are common in childhood.

However, when these conditions become chronic and painful, it may be time for parents to take extraordinary steps to relieve their children’s distress. At the best ENT clinic in California, you can have your child undergo a procedure to place ear tubes in his or her ears to relieve pain, pressure, and other symptoms of chronic ear infections.

What are Ear Tubes?

Ear tubes, also known as lympanostomy, ventilation, or pressure equalization tubes, are tiny, hollow cylinders constructed from metal or plastic. They are surgically inserted into a child’s ear drum. Once in place, they allow ventilation to the middle ear and also allow fluid to drain from behind the eardrum.

These tubes are most often recommended for children who suffer from chronic ear infections or fluid behind the eardrum. They are also encouraged for kids who are at risk of hearing loss and speech delays because of a buildup of fluid in the ear canal.

For most children, ear tubes are temporary and last for around six to nine months. After that period of time, the tubes fall out on their own. The holes in the eardrum also heal up on their own. In rare cases, a patient might need to be seen at the best ENT clinic in California for surgical repair of the eardrum after the tubes have fallen out.

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The Process

The process for putting in ear tubes at the best ENT clinic in California is called a myringpotomy. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis but does require that the child be put under general anesthesia.

After the child is asleep, the surgeon will make an incision in the eardrums. Any fluid is suctioned out before the tubes are inserted into the incision in the eardrums. Ear drops to sanitize the treated area as well as a cotton plug may be inserted to keep the ear canal sterile and to prevent infection.

The child will then be taken to a recovery room to awaken and remain under observation for an hour or two before being sent home. Most children do not need to stay overnight in the hospital after this surgical procedure.

Ear Tube Surgery Recovery

Depending on the age of the child, the recovery period for ear tube surgery can last for several days. It is important for parents to follow the aftercare instructions given by the best ENT clinic in California to avoid complications like bleeding and infection.

Your child may be cranky and tired for the first day after the surgery. You can give him or her Tylenol for pain. Your child should also rest in bed for a day or two after the surgery. He or she can then return to school or daycare as normal.

Ear tube surgery can help children who suffer from chronic ear infections. This procedure is performed at the best ENT clinic in California. It is generally safe and minimally invasive as well as fast from which to recover.